Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion Article
June 24, 2008 AAC Meeting No.5 Minutes
February 24, 2009 AAC Minutes
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April 28, 2009 AAC Minutes
Access Awareness Information Day Flyer
Access Awareness Information Day 2009 - Times Article
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Times Article on Event Success
May 26, 2009 AAC Minutes
June 30, 2009 Draft AAC Minutes
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Talking About Disabilities Choosing the Right Word
Planning an Accessible Meeting
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2009 2010 Annual Accessibility Plan
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May 8 dinner dance
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EMO Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities
Emergency Preparedness Guide
Emergency Preparedness Guide
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January 25, 2011 Minutes
Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay comes back to Fort Erie
January 25, 2011 AAC Meeting Minutes
February 22, 2011 AAC Meeting Minutes
On-line contest to participate in 25th anniversary relay
Relay Map
March 29, 2011 AAC Meeting Minutes
April 27, 2011 AAC Minutes
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Rick Hansen Community Newsletter
End of Day Celebration Poster
June 28, 2011 AAC Meeting Mintues
September 27, 2011 AAC Minutes
Relay Map and Timing
Presentation to Council October 24th
2011-2012 Accessibility Plan
Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay Map and Timing Info
Medal Bearer Corey Hill and family
AAC Chair Dennis Hernandez-Galeano and Community Medal Bearer
Medal Bearers for 1st Fort Erie Relay Day
Artist Enza Iovio and interpreter Debbie with sculpture presented to the Town
Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Medal
Doing the Firework dance in Ridgeway
Ridgeway Medal Bearers
Medal Bearer Mackenzie
End of Day Community Celebration at the Old Fort Interpretive Centre
Community Medal Bearer and AAC Chair, Dennis Hernandez-Galeano
Mayor Martin accepting the Community's Medal
AAC's Council Representative and Ward One Councillor, Stephen Passero
End of Day Event
Medal Bearers for 1st Relay Day
October 25, 2011 AAC meeting minutes
Novemebr 29, 2011 AAC Minutes
Accessibility Pamphlet 2012
February 28, 2012 AAC Meeting Minutes
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April 24, 2012 AAC Meeting Minutes
Rob Parker Memorial Dinner Dance Fundraiser for Guide Dogs
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Power point to Council on Accessibility Policy
Town of Fort Erie Accessibility Policy
November 27, 2012 AAC Minutes
Draft 2013-2018 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for Consultation
Summary of 2013-2018 Multi-Year Plan
Feedback form for Multi-Year Accessibility Plan
January 29, 2013 AAC Minutes
Accessibility Pamphlet
2013-2018 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan
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